MSE Ph.D. Student Chenyue Qiu won the prize at the Microscopy Society of Canada conference 2020 (MSC 2020)

Congratulations to Chenyue (Yucy) Qiu, MSE Ph.D. student, who awarded for the presentation with Best Microscopy Images in material science category at the Microscopy Society of Canada conference 2020 (MSC 2020).

MSC 2020 was held during 2-5 June using the online platform. Yucy’s presentation “Study of Photocatalytic CO2 Hydrogenation via Electron Microscopy” won the Best Microscopy Images award, with the help from all co-authors. The Microscopical Society of Canada is an association dedicated to the promotion of all areas of microscopy research. Approximately 50 presentations participated from distinct universities around the Canada this year.

HRTEM and STEM images of photocatalyst black In2O3-x to study the structure and morphology (Upper row: HRTEM images for lattice spacing measurement. Lower row: STEM images for particle size distribution measurement.)
Photo of Chenyue Qiu, Ph.D student in in situ and Correlative Microscopy group Supervisors: Prof. Howe and Prof. Perovic